Dean Message


<p>&nbsp;The word of the director of the cultural center</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The University of Basra has not exhausted its ability to communicate with the production of science, knowledge and cultural giving. It is a tributary moving from the focus of change and construction. Today, despite the barbaric attack on this institution, which is a pillar in building man and society, the men of the university, the symbols of science, are taking confident steps to reveal the truth and give a confident continuity to this country with a heritage and history whose roots extend deep in the world. The cultural center at the University of Basra was founded in 1973 as a proof of this distinguished role, it is a role that emerges from the scientific and knowledge classrooms to spread its conscience and production to society and thus achieve the university&#39;s relationship in creating a sober cultural movement based on the displacement of the traditional and its replacement with innovation. This center is the radiation that twinKed the minds of the professors on its management and provided most of its efforts to establish a university-based humanistic, community culture to serve the act of construction and national development through a variety of cultural activities. The light must return to it again to contribute to building the human being that we are in this difficult time in dire need of belonging to the homeland. Culture is able to bring us together, is able to create hope in life inside us, able to crush all crimes and build peace in conscience, this is how we look at the act of culture. The university at its cultural center can carry this brigade to spread science, knowledge, literature and heritage to more distant squares, it is Basra, the city of love and beauty, the witch of the world with its palms, its beach, its scientists and its glue universities. Basra today and through the cultural center of the university pledges to crystallize exceptional cultural activities starting from the circles of the city to the circle of the great homeland until the dissemination of its knowledge to the world. With this role, the university will be a real and effective beacule in building society. It is a dream that must one day see the light of the efforts of the university employees in this majestic cultural center. Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Abboud Odeh</p>

University of Basrah cultural center


<p>An overview of the university to confirm its cultural and civilizational presence in strengthening the ties of the university&#39;s&nbsp;</p> <p>relationship with society&nbsp;</p>